Environmental and regulatory compliance issues are now part of everyday life for most businesses, whether they are engaged in evidently hazardous activities or not. At the same time, investors, consumers, and the public are increasingly focused on the environmental impact of business activities, as their effects on climate change become clearer. The centring of environmental issues has led to increased regulatory scrutiny and demands, presenting complex compliance and liability issues that can affect business operations. Successfully navigating this labyrinthine regulatory landscape requires a firm with specialist expertise on a global scale.

Ashong Benjamin & Associates is at the forefront of advising on the intricacies of environmental law, policy and regulation. Our dedicated attorneys cultivate working relationships with environmental oversight bodies, allowing us to guide our clients through complex requirements with comprehensive strategy that mitigates risk and non-compliance issues. Our legal advice caters to clients from varied sectors such as construction and property development, industrial manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and agri-business.  

Our legal expertise covers areas such as Product Stewardship, Energy Efficiency, Site Closure and Divestment, Environmental Disputes, Carbon Law, Water Law, Waste Management, and Regulatory Investigations.

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