Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporations today face ever-increasing pressure to act in a socially responsible and transparent manner. Company directors and board members must make practical and legally sound judgements in real-time, in a high-stakes environment where these decisions are likely to be subject to later review.

The complexities of evolving regulation, disclosure obligations, and increased scrutiny on boardroom decisions from investors, make having a pragmatic corporate governance and compliance strategy fundamental to long-term company success. Governance and compliance strategy requires balancing these intricate competing interests under the spotlight of regulatory, operational, fiduciary, and political market factors.

At Ashong Benjamin, we track the latest developments, trends, and best practices, giving us the depth of experience needed to provide our clients with first-class legal insights and perspective on corporate governance and compliance matters. We understand that the best way to avoid a corporate governance crisis is to plan for it, and we ensure our clients have a sound understanding and capability to handle crisis, risk, and reputation management.

Our team of seasoned experts have advised leading domestic and multinational outfits of varying formations, such as private and public companies, non-profit organisations, boards of directors, and institutional and private equity investors. Our areas of speciality include Fiduciary Duties, Board Evaluations, Corporate Governance, SEC Inquiries, Compliance Violations, Fraud Allegations, Risk Management and Internal Systems, and Shareholder Engagement.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

In the area of ethics and anti-corruption compliance, Ashong Benjamin has developed an extensive anti-bribery and corruption program, which complies with the FCPA and UK Bribery Act. We offer programs through training and setting up compliance structures, with detailed policies that can be shaped to meet the particular client’s needs.

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